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Lissa Arditi in the studio

LISSA ARDITI (b.1996) is a contemporary artist , currently lives and workers in Tel Aviv .Arditi’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in the exploration of personal dialogues, as she engages in a profound and introspective conversation with herself through her work.

Lissa's artistic repertoire spans across various mediums, with a primary focus on painting, digital painting, and photography. What sets her apart is her adept ability to seamlessly blend these mediums, creating a unique visual language that captures the essence of her inner world.

The natural world serves as a profound muse for Lissa, influencing and shaping her creative expressions.

Her art becomes a reflection of both external landscapes and the intricate landscapes of her mind, resulting in pieces that resonate with authenticity and depth.

Shortly after completing her military service, Lissa Arditi started participating in shows .Her works have graced exhibitions, biennials, and solo shows in Israel and across the globe. Lissa's art is not confined to geographical boundaries; instead, it transcends borders as she traverses the world, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and incorporating materials gathered during her travels into her creations.

Lissa Arditi's art is a testament to the power of introspection, the interconnectedness of the self with the natural world, and the universality of creative expression.


Through her unique blend of mediums and unwavering commitment to authenticity, she invites viewers to join her in a contemplative exploration of the intersections between personal and universal narratives.

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